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In the summer of 2018, two florists, inspired by a love of all things botanical, embarked on an exciting new adventure into the production of the first Flower House Strawberry & Rose Gin. Beverley Coghlan and Megan Palmer launched their boutique florist, ’The Flower House’ in June 2016 and their success has led to their expansion into a fabulous retail space within the iconic Arighi Bianchi furniture store.

“The idea to create our own unique gin was borne out of a love for the spirit and flowers alike. We feel we have created the perfect pairing by mixing all of our passions together (flowers, design, creativity and gin!). We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!”




Our gin is created by our team of expert distillers in the traditional way in small batches in one of the UK’s oldest working copper gin stills. Our botanicals include juniper, coriander, angelica, and almond, with fragrant English rose petals and strawberries creating a beautifully subtle floral flavour.




The distillation process lasts 2 days; on the first day the still is gently heated to allow the slow release of the oils from the botanicals, it is then allowed to steep overnight. On the second day full distillation takes place where our team of distillers carefully watch the still to ensure they make the cuts to the ‘heart’ at the right time. The result is a beautiful fusion of floral flavours with subtle notes of strawberry and rose coming through the classic juniper flavour.



This classic G&T serve brings out the full floral flavour of our gin

50ml Strawberry & Rose Gin

100-200ml Premium Indian tonic water

Generous helping of ice Fresh strawberries to garnish

‘The Florist’

‘The Florist’ serve is a delicious pairing of our Rose and Strawberry gin with sweet elderflower tonic, simply delicious!

50ml Strawberry & Rose Gin

100-200ml Fever Tree elderflower tonic

Generous helping of ice

Spring of mint/fresh strawberries to garnish

‘Bed of Roses’

This tonic-free serve is a pink explosion of all things rose, a firm favourite with florists and gin-lovers alike!

50ml Strawberry & Rose Gin

200ml Fentiman’s Rose lemonade

Generous helping of ice

Fresh mint to garnish


35ml Strawberry & Rose Gin

Splash of elderflower cordial

Top up with chilled Prosecco!

Freeze dried strawberries to garnish


The Flower House is situated adjacent to the main entrance, accessible via the North car park, of the Arighi Bianchi furniture store in Macclesfield, Cheshire from where their limited edition gin (and lots of flowers!) can be purchased.

The Flower House at Arighi Bianchi
The Silk Road
SK10 1LH


Telephone enquiries: 01625 464949

Email enquiries: